Darebin Asylum Seeker Support Project (DASSP)

  • Darebin Asylum Seeker Support Project (DASSP)

    Darebin Asylum Seeker Support Project (DASSP)

    The Darebin Asylum Seeker Support Project (DASSP) is a partnership between the Darebin City Council and the Darebin Ethnic Communities Council (DECC) with the aim of ensuring the social inclusion of asylum seekers into the wider Darebin Community. The first step towards this is by providing each asylum seeker with the Darebin Community Passport – a directory of local agencies willing to support asylum see

    Collaboration has been achieved with the following local community agencies to ensure support for asylum seekers as our most vulnerable newest migrants:

    • The Darebin Neighbourhood Houses Network:
      • Reservoir Neighbourhood House
      • Jika Jika Community Centre
      • SPAN Community House
      • Preston Neighbourhood House
      • Thornbury Women’s Neighbourhood House
      • Alphington Community Centre
      • Preston Reservoir Adult Community Education (PRACE) at Merrilands
    • Darebin Information, Volunteers, Referral Service (DIVRS)
    • Darebin Community Health
    • NEAMI
    • Darebin Men’s Shed and Bicycle Recycling Program
    • YMCA Northcote Aquatic and Recreation Centre
    • Reservoir Leisure Centre
    • Baptcare Sanctuary
    • The Salvation Army and Salvos Store
    • St Vincent de Paul and the Vinnie’s Shop
    • Victoria Police Darebin and the Darebin Community Policing

    We are joined by many of the local Faith communities and Places of Worship in Darebin, across denominations, as we extend our welcome to the stranger who is seeking our help. Our Darebin community response enhances the efforts of case managers from the Red Cross, AMES, Spectrum MRC and other service providers which are contracted by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) to provide the Asylum Seeker Assistance Scheme (ASAS) and the Community Assistance Scheme (CAS).

    IMG_0073-Copy-CopyDASSP is supported through the commitment of many Darebin residents, gladly volunteering their time to assist our most vulnerable newest migrants. We also acknowledge the generous support from many Darebin Council officers and the Darebin City Councillors. DASSP operates the Darebin Asylum Seeker Welcome Lounge at the Darebin Intercultural Centre as a drop-in and information hub each day of the week from 10am.

    All Darebin residents are welcome to join DASSP as volunteers!