Welcome to our brand new website.

  • Welcome to our brand new website.

    Welcome to our brand new website.

    Well the guys and gals at icu2 have been busy building a brand new website for DECC. The website is using the latest responsive design technology, which will allow the site to be viewed on mobile phones and tablets of any size. Also with full social media integrations, the new website will automatically update our social media channels directly from our site, at the touch of a button!

    The aim of the website is to provide invaluable information about DECC activities and provide a resource which local residents from ethnic communities can turn to. With full multilingual capabilities using Googles translation services, the website can be viewed in up to 80 languages. Also, with a calendar local residence will be able to stay informed about our upcoming events.

    We will be populating the new site with valuable information in coming days and weeks, so watch this space for even more updates and awesome content.